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Haley Reed

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Step Sis Finds A Pot Of Gold And Her Brothers Dick - S17:E9

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What better way to commemorate St. Patrick's Day than with a candy hunt and lingerie party? Since Haley Reed's mother is unable to participate in this custom, she extends an invitation to her friend Vina Sky. While the girls are getting ready, AJ, Haley's stepbrother, can't resist spying on them. Vina is secretly really into it, but they give AJ some lip service. Despite her impolite words, her body language says it all. Afterwards, the girls enter the living room to look for candy after getting dressed up in their festive green panties. Vina doesn't waste any more time; AJ is waiting for them. She wiggles her ass to entice AJ to join in on the game, bending down ostentatiously in pursuit of candy. When Haley turns to face them, they wait until AJ puts his tongue out and begins fucking Vina from behind, leaving Haley to carry on with her search without realizing. Haley finds out what they are doing, but they are able to disguise it from her until she kneels next to Vina and begins to eat some of the candy she found. Haley is shocked at first, but once AJ uses that as an opportunity to Vina then goes for a stiffie ride while Haley pinches and cups her best friend's boobs. After Vina gives back all Haley gave her, Haley gets the next ride. Then, as AJ fucks Haley from behind, Vina drops to her knees to devour her. The girls switch places once more, with Haley kneeling in front of Vina and gorging on her snatch as she takes AJ's cock in doggy. Vina turns around, slides under Haley's kneeling posture, and positions herself perfectly for AJ to emerge from his stepsis and plant a hot load on Vina's eager face. The girls' lingerie party has surpassed all previous experiences!