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Multiplication Tables, Scene #01

[HD video] — There's nothing better than 2 girls kissing each other. These small tits are the cutest installations in the universe. But as they sneakily eat each other out beneath the slab, they have to jib being fast by Silvia, who keeps checking back on them. Liz feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. A teen, Liz Jordan, and her parent, Silvia Saige, are waiting for Liz's tutor, Haley Reed, to show up. She puts her tongue inside her pussy and licks her delicately. Silvia isn't appropriate about Liz's grades lately and is considering getting another prepare. Haley gets her pussy licked passionately. You won't see such adorable tits in a near future. She feels the tongue esoteric her feline and gets turned on immediately. But when Liz begs for Haley to be specification another chance, Silvia gives in. Of course, as anon as Silvia steps out of the lodge, Liz and Haley are feverishly mercurial -- no WONDER they're not getting any studying done! Haley enjoys a striking fellatio. She fingers her pussy until she is completely turned on. Haley Reed and Liz Jordan are best friends since church, and now they want to come further... Although they may not get an A in math, they certainly get an A for accomplishment! Ever since Haley's been around, Liz's grades have positively been getting WORSE! Haley soon arrives, greeting them pleasantly, and Silvia leaves them to it. But once Silvia's gone to run an agency, the teens can finally let negligent.

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Haley Reed and Liz Jordan
Teen, Small Tits and Lesbians
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